Jeff Rosenstock’s full trash bags and empty boxes

Jeff Rosenstock’s full trash bags and empty boxes

I want to quickly make a case for your please checking out a weird and amazing record.

Jeff Rosenstock - I Look Like Shit (Quote Unquote Records, 2012)

Start with the first track, "Twinkle."

So, real quick. This is a wild collection of home recordings by a super-interesting guy with post-punk roots but an anarchic power pop sensibility and pretty fearless execution. Despite being his solo debut, Jeff seems to consider this slacker showpiece a "mixtape" of odds and sods. I think it's amazing.

Yeah, I know. You're gonna think it sounds like Ben Folds, then Weezer, then Operation Ivy, then probably eighty other bands. Whatever.

Jeff Rosenstock is doing his own thing, and I am OBSESSED with I Look Like Shit and am listening to it on repeat. I hope you'll give it a spin too.



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Real talk, "80s Through the 50s" is a banger.